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Yeah, I'm in my bag but I'm tired too...

& that's why every time you see me, I got something else to do.

Hey Corporate Black Girl! ✨ It’s been a while. As I’m sure you can relate, work life balance has been a little hectic. Between working a 9-5, blogging, running another side business, and doing volunteer work, your girl is exhausted. So this blog is about "the reset" and how to recenter after a stressful period of time.

Identify your headspace

The first step is taking a breathe and reflect on where you are in this moment of time. Yes, in this very moment what's going on around you? Are you at your desk, taking an internet break from work and ended up reading this blog? If you are, why are you needing this internet break? Is work stressful? Are you over being at work today? What has caused you to need to mentally step away from your surroundings? Whatever it is, you have to find the root in order to get this chaos back in order. Basically, a little "come to Jesus meeting" with yourself.

Treat yourself

Now that we've established why we feel the way we do, what steps do we take to make ourselves feel better? Checking yourself can be a little hard at times so a ”pick me up” is a good way to cope. I personally love a good spa day, or sometimes I have a "bitch you deserve" moment and buy myself a new bag. 🥴 Compile a list of things that you do for yourself that makes you smile. Now, out of the list what haven't you done for yourself in a while? Whatever you do for your "me time" DO IT! So, make that lash appointment, nail appointment or whatever because it's time to get back to you!

Find your foundation

After you've treated yourself, it's time to reset yourself so you can be at peace. Take a second to reflect on moments where you felt like you had your life together. What are some things you were doing during those times that kept you together? For me I feel most together when I don't have to worry about the following day. So the weeks where I grocery shop and meal prep, I know the week is going to be amazing. After that, I'm back on my daily routine so I'm returning to the gym after that unintentional leave of absence. 😅 Although I love to workout; when life feels like it's in shambles, the gym is the last place I'm going even though it should be the first. When I prepare myself for the the week and I’m consistently working out my mind stays clear. Because if all else fails for the day, guess what? I started with a great workout and also don't have to ask my lunch buddy "What's for lunch?" at 10am.

Hit the ground running

Now apply it all! Not feeling too worky today? Stop, breathe and make sure you're okay before you get too far down the road and end up hating it here. Then make sure you're consistently treating yourself without going overboard. So make a standing nail appointment and don't let those lashes get pass 50% full cause now we have to get a full set sis. DON'T ABANDON YOUR SELF-CARE ROUTINE! And make sure whatever you do to keep your mind clear, keep doing it no matter if nothing else makes's your foundation.

Until next time CBG, keep spreading that Black Girl Magic through your office. ✨

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