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Who is Corporate Black Girl?

In today's society, success is often defined as owning your own business. We've forgotten about those bomb ass black girls who are making boss moves in the corporate world. Being a Corporate Black Girl doesn't mean you aren't as successful as an entrepreneur. We understand 9-5's aren't for everybody, but there are amazing black women out here doing the damn thing and aren't being recognized. It's hard being a black woman in a corporate setting, often over looked and let down but we still exist! We are the "Black Girl Magic" in the corporate setting.

A lot of people use their 9-5's to fund their dreams, it's okay to not be a full blown entrepreneur. It's enough hours in the day to work on your corporate career and work on your side hustle in the same day. The hardest part is to keep going when you're tired, so stay consistent. Try to rem

ember why you started your side hustle.

We're here to motivate, uplift, and cause untamable laughter. We know that as a CBG we don't get much recognition within the corporate world and sometimes outside the corporate setting, so we're here for that extra boost of "You Go Glen CoCo" for those who need it.

This is a place to kick your shoes off and relax! So while you're here, read a blog post, share your office stories and grab some CBG gear to show your pride.

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