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My last day in the office...

Well Corporate Black Girls ✨, I’ve honestly been a little lost for words. So in the mean time, I thought I’d share my last day in the office before Ms. Rona came and shook shit up.

*if you appreciate this gif, I appreciate you*

When I arrived to work on Friday the 13th (yeah I know), I had a meeting invite related to Covid-19 for 2 pm. I already knew what was going on. The typical round up to remind us that our department is fully equipped to work from home, so be prepared to do so if needed yada yada, whatever whatever, standard b.s. right? So 10 am rolls around and my director comes around the corner and says “Hey guys, lets get to the meeting room, we’re going to go ahead and have this meeting”. I’m like oh shit, this is actually serious, how we move a meeting from 2pm to 10 am?! So I entered the room and nobody is saying anything and being the jokester of the department I made a joke about the intensity of the room, but the stillness was unmatched.

They break it down to us that Coronavirus is no joke and our company is taking our health seriously, so we’d be working from home effective IMMEDIATELY. I’m sitting there like....oh shit!

Wayment, wtf, we’ve been lightly joking about it for the last week! Then one day we come to work only to get sent home with a work from home policy, as well as any and everything we needed from our desks!? It was all within a blink of an eye!

No more rushing out the door to hop on I-24, avoiding the scooter people on Commerce or even J-walking to make my grace period. At this point, what routine? The highlight of my workday was going to lunch and now y’all take that too???!!

Just like that, everything changed and may never be the same. Adapting to this new work life has been interesting and we will make it through CGBs!

I want to hear your experiences, leave a comment below about your last day and or changes to your work life.

P.S. Please know your girl still took a full lunch break and enjoyed it, just in case it was her last. 😌

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